Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A couple weeks ago I was sitting in a Taco Time drive through and saw a tree that had full, fluffy white flowers like a cloud.  I took a picture on my phone and brought it home and went on and on and on about it’s amazing full white fluffiness and layer upon layer of lacy white petals showed the tree man, but my pictures were from too far away.  He made some guesses but couldn’t be certain.

Then one day that week, he brought me a branch that he had clipped at work.  He is a tree trimmer; his job is to cut trees and branches that are encroaching on power lines.  He had to cut this one though for public safety because it was “hanging dangerously low over the sidewalk”…


Due to my [ahem] thorough description, he found my tree!

Still, we didn’t know for sure the species.


He has been bringing me lots of branches this spring; cherry branches, pussy willows, aspen twigs, and now these.  God is a most talented creator and I love bringing the creation indoors!  I find that most any branch looks pretty and interesting in a farmhouse pitcher.  When the flowers wither and shed and I have to toss the branches, the coffee table looks so bare.  But I find that if I can wait it out till the flowers fade (I shake off the shedding petals outside, then bring them back in), the leaves are still interesting, new leaves keep sprouting and sometimes new flowers, too. 

Last weekend, wandering the tree section of the local nursery, Ty said, “hey Tash, there’s your tree.” And it was! It was a Mt. Fuji Flowering Cherry. It doesn’t bear fruit. It was decent size and potted (more expensive than bare root) and didn’t have a price tag.  We figured it was $40 to $60, based on the other trees that size.  We passed it up for a couple cherry trees which would bear a lot of fruit.

But guess what… this weekend, we went back again (becoming a Sunday after church tradition), and visited my tree and asked about it, and they sold it to us for $15!! It was the last, saddest one, a little lopsided. My tree man can train it right up though, and prune it to become big, straight and strong.



DSC_0957    DSC_0960

I won’t be taking any clippings off this one for a long time!