Thursday, April 12, 2012

master bedroom ~ room reveal

Try not to die from the shock of it… I finally finished and photographed my master bedroom redo for you all…

Here is the desk / crafting space…




DSC_0578    DSC_0581


I got that wood crate with the tiny slots at a thrift store for about $5.  I finally found enough little supplies to fill it up!

DSC_0577    DSC_0674

Above I used jars for normal supplies like business cards (I rarely need to get at them) and rubber bands.  I had a lot of jars going on so (above right) I painted a couple white to break up the glass, and put pencils, stamps and erasers in them.  I also used an old folding wood ruler to stick my bills and small papers in.


I used a wood $40 desktop from Ikea which I stained and waxed, and $5 filing cabinets from state surplus as the desk towers; I added a coat of white primer and white gloss spray paint..  The schoolroom chair was also $1 at our first trip to state surplus.

DSC_0637     DSC_0636

To the side of the desk is a corner with a pretty dress form, a vintage ironing board I got for $5 at a yard sale I use as sewing machine and iron storage, and a neat old basket filled with my fabrics for projects to come.  I used the banner I made for my booth at the Dickens Fair to clip memories up on the wall…

DSC_0652     DSC_0583


That brings us around to the nightstands and bed…


DSC_0726     DSC_0696     DSC_0731

I got the (above left) media cart for $5 at a yard sale.  The one on the right came from a local lady that sells antiques from her barn; I added a coat of white spray paint.  I made the silhouettes (middle) a while back, and recently painted their frames and hung them above the bed to help balance out the off-centered placement of the bed in front of the window.  I love this little spot now.

The dressers are crammed on the other side of the room…



I like this collection of things I love… cool vintage cameras and some of my photos, jars, I <3 globes / want to travel, there’s my favorite shot of my little ones, some vintage fabric and a fish bowl full of postcards from our family trips.

DSC_0604      DSC_0605


Above is the fish my grandma got me that was “so ugly she knew I would like it” when I was a teenager.  Still true today, that guy always finds a spot in my world!

Then we have the wood wall that I painted…


I primed the wall with oil based primer, since it had a semi-gloss finish on it.  Then I painted each board a different color, using interior latex sample jars picked out on a whim.  Then I used a brown glaze.  Glaze is a product that you wipe on, allow to get tacky (couple minutes) and then wipe off, allowing however much pigment you want to stay on the wall.  I did a board at a time, ragging it on, and then ragging it off, then going to the next board.

Then I stained some pre-cut shelving from Home Depot, and put up my hardware store special shelves.  The shelving was inspired by AshleyAnne’s


Some thrifted and yard-sale goodies here… an old red phone from a yard sale, nick-nacks that hubby gave me before we were married, his dad’s marble collection from when he was a boy, and some neat thrifted and gifted tins.


The photos in those jars are my babies; Mark (at 4 mos.) on left and Susie (at 7 mos.) on the right.

The above plant is fake from Ikea… the ONLY fake plants I have found that I like.  They have a couple other versions you can see in this post.

DSC_0615      DSC_0616

Above right is a trunk purchased from a craft store.  It had a dark finish, I added one coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, sanded a little, and wiped on a coat of clear was.  Just wanted to show you the one-coat goodness!  =)

Lastly, my little gallery wall…


I made this with a free map download online and used Picnik to add the text…


This is the pin that inspired it (a really neat hand painted version I didn’t have the patience for).  I printed this right off my inkjet printer – I did that for the art clipped inside one of my wall crates at the top of this post, too… it really does turn out pretty good. 


I am so excited to have a room that is actually finished!  Many of you who know me know that I rarely finish a room completely before I move onto some other space or random project!  Now my room is the first thing I clean, so that I always have that “sanctuary” to go back to throughout the day. 

Gotta go do chores and errands!  Godbless!


  1. Looks good! :) I like the horse painting. ;)

  2. Beautiful!! My favorite part is the red phone, so perfect!