Friday, April 20, 2012

I need your vote

No I am not in some crazy contest…

I am just taking a little vote.  This probably seems weird… after the votes are in (tomorrow) I will explain.  =)

I recently painted this cabinet in my main bathroom…

WP_000518 (2)_txt    DSC_0820_txt

The question is… should I also paint the other cabinet in the room the same color???

This is the cabinet in question…


DSC_0804    DSC_0805

Well, cast your votes (leave a comment here) and tune in tomorrow to see the verdict (and to hear why I am asking you to vote!).

And, please, don’t assume everyone else will do the voting and you don’t need to!  I need as many opinions as I can get!!  Let’s just say there is a battle of the sexes going on in this house!  =)


  1. Yes!

    ~ Sarah :)

  2. Paint it. Now if it were your hickory kitchen cabinets I would say please don't.

  3. Sorry Ty,,,,,,, It should be painted to match the cabinet over the washer and to match the other storage in the room. Definitly paint it!

  4. Don't do it, paint is ugly.... any time I see something that is painted it makes me throw up a little

    1. Eric you are such a bully. At least Ty got one vote.