Tuesday, April 17, 2012

rope basket DIY

Now that my bedroom freshen up is complete, I have moved my focus to finishing up my bathroom, the last major project for the moment.
One of the little to-do’s in this room, was to create or buy some storage solutions to hide the ugly stuff one needs to store in a bathroom.  I had pinned this DIY rope basket a while back, and got around to it this past week…
Simply purchase a natural fiber rope at your local hardware store for about $5…
Start making a spiral, adding dabs of hot glue as you go…
Continue until your base is the width you want your basket to be…
Oh, yeah, and work with some waxed paper on your surface, or you will spend the better part of an hour picking little bits of hot glue off your counter… trust me. 
Then start building up onto that outer ring, making the sides of your basket…
I used the entire spool of rope, tucked the last few circles to the inside of the rim to hide the end of the rope, and ended up with this…
I would have liked a couple more inches in height to cover up more of the ugly bottles, but ended up putting it inside the cabinet anyway, so it will do just fine!  There was a longer rope at the store, though, so I might get it and add another, taller basket. 
I thought it was an easy and fun project!
Come back tomorrow to see a little progress on my bathroom makeover!
God Bless!

UPDATE:  I have seen these on Pinterest where people do this around a coffee can... would hold up much better that way!