Tuesday, July 19, 2011

roadside success


I have a confession to make.  I am slightly moderately addicted to American Pickers on Netflix streaming.  I find myself watching multiple episodes in one sitting because I can’t wait to see what treasures they uncover next.  They share a lot of knowledge on the show, like how to recognize a good “pick” (place to scavenge for treasures to buy), how to negotiate, and what to look for in the items you buy.

Well this weekend, I put a little of that gleaned knowledge to good use.  There is a sweet old farmhouse in our neighborhood with a huge old barn and a bunch of older ladies who get their vintage treasures together and do a few sales every summer, and if I remember correctly, their sales benefit charity.  Old barn, vintage finds, yard sale prices and it benefits charity?  I’m there!

These were my finds…


I got the great toy ironing board – the white and turquoise and all that chippyness makes my heart go pitter patter!


Swoon!  I plan to use it for display at an upcoming sale, and think it would make a great little bedside table or something.  I might let Susie play with it, if she’s nice.  ;)  I put my Picker knowledge to good use: it had no price, I was thinking I would be willing to pay $10 for it, but rather than offer that, I asked her what she would let it go for and she said $5!  Score!  Always try to get the seller to name the price – they might be thinking less than you are! 

Also from the old barn sale, I got this bag of crocheted circles


LOVE them!  I plan to make up some linen pillow covers and put some of these on the fronts for my sale – should be a good turnaround on my $0.50 investment!

I also got some old zinc canning jar and jelly jar lids for $0.25…


I love the jelly jars I used in my jewelry display, and one was missing a lid, so I grabbed this one - most of the ones I see at Farm Chicks and thrift stores are missing lids anyway.  I got the potato masher the same day from a random perma-yard-sale. The masher and the commercial baking sheet in the top pic were a total of $3.00.  Works for me!  I have been digging through the utensil bins at thrift stores for months dreaming of finding a metal potato masher with a red handle!  Yay!


Then, when I went to the thrift store the next day, do you know what I found?  Here is the whole trip’s loot…


Did you see the jelly jars?!  I could not believe it when I found some the very next day!  Don’t get too excited…


Tip: it may not be smart to purchase jelly jars and jelly jar lids separately; there seems to be a fit problem.  Even the cheesy pink one that came on one of mine doesn’t fit properly! 

I also got those frames for Susie’s room (reveal this week) and some sweet loaf pans for organizing…


They look nasty in the picture – but they are a sweet dull green on the outside.  I am about to let my Magic Eraser loose on them!

I also got this sweet Ole Virginny plantation mints tin…


DSC_0690  DSC_0691

See that sweet woman cooking the candies over a hot stove so the courting gentleman will have a special treat to woo his lady?  So sweet.

Anyone else been having luck with thrifting or yard sales lately?

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