Monday, July 9, 2012

back with randomness


Whew!  I took an unexpected summer vacation from blogging.  It was necessary.  It was a combination of being busy, and then choosing to not be busy.  Sometimes I have to do that.  Now I have much accomplished and got some relaxing in this weekend, and the northwest summer has finally arrived!  Yesterday we went to church, I went running, finished up some yard chores, took a shower in the middle of the day, pulled on the maxi skirt I had worn to church and declared the rest of the day for relaxing.  It was glorious.  Ended the day with a round of bocce ball with a couple girlfriends and did not win.  There might need to be a rematch.  =)

Anyway, I’ll share some randomness with you today; I actually have many less random posts for this week and next!  But today you get randomness.  =)


While Ty and I were accomplishing much in the yard, Mark left some craft supplies out and Susie was accomplishing some bedazzlement on the front porch…


That was cleaned up.  That whole bag was all over the porch.  My husband says “glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”  So true.  It was everywhere.  I was tough and told her and Mark they had to clean up every piece.  Hubby gave them the shop-vac about 15 minutes. 


Some recent thrifting finds…


A useful white serving plate and the sweetest little tea cup.  <3


Some teacups and saucers for my mismatch collection.  That set with the green stripe…


So sweet and dainty.  The set was $20 and I passed it up a couple weeks ago.  This time it was 50% off because it had been there for a while.  Love it.


I dressed me and Susie in current trends for church yesterday…

DSC_0706     WP_001190

Her in an ikat jumper (double trendiness!) and myself in a striped maxi skirt.  We were stuck in the nursery so no one really got to see us all snazzed up, so I’m showing you all.  Susie wasn’t too impressed with the trends, more with showing off her shoes…


“See my shoes, baby?”

She’s gonna be an interesting combination of girly girl / tomboy.


The baby birds living in our soffit have hatched and require frequent inspection by the kids…


The inspection always reveals that the birdies are hungry.  =)


Lastly in random news, a sneak peek teaser.  This countertop has undergone a little creative transformation (this is the “before” shot)…


I did something crazy. 

I’m putting the finishing touches on the room and then I’ll share the whole thing. 


Well, off to her the kiddos out into the fresh air.  God Bless!

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