Wednesday, July 25, 2012



I was so excited for summer break.

So excited to have no plans.

To have no schedule.

To do fun summery things every day.

To do nothing.

Like me and the kiddos would just be bored and quiet and lazy and then I come up with some superMom craft and everyone loves it and we craft the day away because it’s summer and we can.

So far it hasn’t really happened… just busy craziness!

Oh man – I need a schedule!!!

I think I need to plan some fun things for the kiddos, one week at a time. I also need to get back onto a daily schedule for myself. Hubby is going into work extra early right now, which means it is extra hard for me to stay awake after he leaves, which means it is extra hard for me to find non-distracted time to read my bible, plan meals and kid activities, blog, and just breathe without interruption. Back on the schedule bandwagon. Schedule-less summer: you were fun hectic while you lasted.

Enter summer to-do list…



This should be a good motivator since I am a little on the OCD side and get a little high from checking things off a to-do list. And it shouldn’t be too hard; pick one or two things a week and tackle them and check them off. How do you all roll? Schedule or free spirit?


  1. Like the list! :) I'm a little of both, I like to have a list, but I never check anything off. lol

    ~Sarah :)

  2. Love it! I like to make a list and then lose it. Good times.

  3. Summers go so fast...before you know it the kids are grown and may not want to spend time with you. Enjoy every minute you have with the little tikes;-)