Thursday, June 28, 2012

Capilano Park


Okay, so the highlight of our trip to Vancouver BC (not counting the food) was Capilano Park.

I had picked out this destination in the beginning stages of planning our trip, but the hubby was not excited about it.  We decided to do the aquarium instead. 

Then at the train station on our way to Vancouver, he finds this brochure…


And of course, it “looks awesome and we should go.”  MEN! 

Needless to say, we had to go check it out.

Heights terrify me.  I just figured this out recently, or maybe it is my old age kicking in. 

Before attempting the suspension bridge I had to conquer the Cliffwalk




Oh, and just as you are stepping onto the Cliffwalk, you read this lovely informational sign…


We are on a walkway hanging from a rock wall which is routinely split by ice.  Great.


This was a glass peninsula that jutted out from one section of the walkway.  From this spot the walkway is all glass so it is like you are out there in midair when you are on it.  Ty made me do it.  He’s mean like that.  I couldn’t look down.  It’s okay, I needed evidence that I was there…


I really  have to take my wide angle lens next trip; these photos aren’t doing it justice.

The entire park was beautiful.



This is when we crossed the big bridge


And that is the only picture I have of our first bridge crossing, because it was frightening.  The bridge is 450 feet long and 230 feet high.  I really am afraid of heights.  I guess it is not so much the heights it is the unsteadiness.  The bridge swayed about 3-6 inches either way very sporadically as all the people made their way across, and it did not set well with me.

Next we went to the Treetops Adventure


Since I didn’t have my wide angle lens, I patched together this vertical panoramic shot to show you how high these platforms were…


Ty clarified that it was not actually in the tree-“tops”, but rather in mid-canopy. 

I’m okay with that.





Ty’s favorite tree.  A giant Douglas Fir.  Although these trees were very old and some were very tall, it wasn’t quite like walking through a forest of dinosaurs like the Redwoods.  Still, the attractions here were very fun exhilarating.

The park had a fun science hunt for kids to do and a little tree house set up with a “scientist” and his equipment and collections from nature...


A great deal of thought and planning went into this park and not one detail was left undone.  I should have taken a picture of one of the employees / guides – they wore early 1900s apparel it was so enchanting, as was the forest.



Then the moment of truth. 

I was reading that the bridge held up to one of these giant trees blowing over and landing on it. That made me feel a little better about walking back across.


I gave the camera to Ty so I could focus on holding on with two hands he could get photographic evidence of me crossing the bridge…



Evidence secured, time to get off this bridge as soon as safely possible.

Actually I did get my camera back and stop and take a photo looking down; brave, I know.


That doesn’t look like 230 feet.  But, let me tell you, it was.



Capilano Park was a pretty place to spend out last day in Vancouver BC.  But I am glad to be home with the kiddos and back on solid ground! 



  1. Glad you braved it and then had a great time! Looks beautiful. And your husband gets -10 points for doubting you to begin with!

  2. Wow...what a beautiful park. All those people on that bride at one time would make me nervous.