Wednesday, July 18, 2012

homemade organic fresh bark mulch


My husband works for a company that cuts trees and branches away from power lines.  On the weekends, he operates his own tree service company.  This means we have a plethora of firewood.  Piles.  And piles.  And piles!  And when it takes months to gradually chop and stack all those piles of firewood, the bark falls off the wood and you are left with piles and piles of bark...


So what do you do with a bunch of bark piles?  Well, hubby had a Martha Stewart moment and decided to make us some homemade, organic, fresh bark mulch for our gardens.  So environmentally friendly of him to make something useful out of something that would otherwise have been wasted.

He “simply” ran the piles of bark through his commercial wood chipper (which normally used for up to 16-inch-thick whole trees)…




And out the other end comes Ty’s special recipe: Homemade, Organic, Fresh Bark Mulch.

We tag teamed all the flower beds around the house and more in the yard, adding the mulch to our flower beds in a matter of an hour or less.  Very worth the efforts…



It is chunkier than nursery beauty bark - it’s a little rustic and I like it that way.  Before we did this I didn’t even want to spend time in the yard and be forced to look at the house and gardens in neglect, and now the yard looks nice and clean and the plants don’t look like weeds anymore!  The bark will also help keep weeds down – phew!  I couldn’t keep up with weeding before! 

Yay for a little curb appeal!  Good idea, Ty!  Now we just need to replace our soffits and paint the whole house white!   =D

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