Tuesday, July 17, 2012

velveteen. or thumper.


Last week, I went to check the chicken eggs, only to find a sweet little rabbit in the garden munching away at our raspberry plants.  But it didn’t look like our typical wild rabbits from these parts.

I rushed into the house, grabbed my camera, and snuck back out to the garden… cautiously shooting pictures from afar, in case he dashed away at any moment…


Slowly inching closer and closer…


…army crawling now…



After the above picture is about the time he hopped over, sniffed my camera, and then hopped about his business eating our raspberry bushes.  WHAT!?  I was so shocked I didn’t even get a picture!

I told the girls to quick go get him a carrot out of the fridge.

He waited patiently as if he knew exactly what was going on…


And gladly accepted our offering…




Despite being unafraid of us, he wasn’t ready to just hop in our laps.  I recruited the neighbor boy (I still call him that even though he is grown up now), to help us corral and catch him.

It worked, but he was still nervous and I was not convinced he wouldn’t scratch and bite us if given the chance.

Hubby took him out to a trailer we have so he couldn’t escape and the kids could play with him…

DSC_0776     DSC_0784

There was no scratching or biting.

We made him a makeshift home in the house for those first nights…



Two laundry baskets zip-tied together.  We’re that redneck inventive.

These pictures were from a week ago.  Now we have gotten him indoor and outdoor cages (craigslist), and have started cuddling and house training him.  After removing 4 ticks from his face (eeew!).

He has become quite the little pet.  Has a little attitude but I hear that’s how they are.  I’ll have to do an update this week.

Now we just need to decide on a name.  Velveteen or Thumper?


  1. Velveteen...he is a beautiful bunny!


  2. What about Peter Rabbit??? Keeping him now huh? ;)

  3. Another great idea for a children's book. Velveteen, for sure. ♥