Wednesday, July 25, 2012

thrift junky chronicles { no. 19 }


I have some thrift store finds to share with you from a recent trip. 

You’re shocked aren’t you?





I love these little glass spice bottles.  They  had a couple dozen.  $0.99 each.  So cute.



I picked up a couple mugs for my mismatched set.  They remind me of dandelions and I love the blue insides.  So sweet.



Measuring spoons because I want to buy some Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent and have it out with these scoops in it, being at the ready and looking cute.  They were $0.99.  Also a cute little white prep dish (I have a little stack of mismatching ones) that are always handy to have in the kitchen for ingredient prep.  Also $0.99.




A funny tin for a collage in my entry way.  It says something in another language about automobiles and look at how the horses are all angry at the automobile!  So funny.  $3.99.



I always snag clipboards – they’re usually $1 or $2.  The kids feel important using them while coloring and I am hoarding some up to do a wall arrangement like this or this.



About four yards of flannel for $5.  Going to make matching PJ pants for me and Susie.


Okay, this isn’t a thrift store find, but I got it because my dear friends knows I am a thrifting junky…



Old bingo cards and bingo chips!  And I love the peanut man!  My friend gave this to me from her grandmother’s estate because it “looked like something I would like”… uh, yeah!  She said she knew I would find something to do with it.  Well, Kristel, it is still just sitting on my desk, but I admire it every day, so does that count as doing something with it? 


Have you all had any good finds lately?

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  1. Cute mugs. The flower is a bachelor sweet. Nice find!