Friday, June 1, 2012

use your sunnies as a filter


I feel so chic calling sunglasses “sunnies”.  I have never spoken that word in real life, and would feel like a total spaz if I did, but the internet is the “wild wild west”, right, Leah?  I can pull it off here.

So I read a post several weeks ago, about iPhone photo tips.  One of the tips was to use your sunnies as a filter… tried it today while the kids and I were picnicking in the pasture.  Here are the straight out of camera (SOOC) and filtered shots…

DSC_0941 (1)


Kind of a fun effect!  I simply held my sunglasses in front of the lens – I didn’t edit either of them at all, besides adding the text.  You can see the bottom portion isn’t filtered because my sunnies are stronger on top than they are at the bottom of the lenses.  The photo looks like it came from another decade.  It is cool, too, because you can do it with a standard point and shoot, or phone cameras.   Have fun with it!

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