Saturday, June 16, 2012

when wabbits get owies


Last week at work my hubby was running a bobcat with a mower deck, and kept rustling up nests of bunnies.

There might have been a few tragedies.

So of course when he is able to capture one sweet, soft little teenage bunny and said teenager has an injury, he must be brought home to be further tortured by herds of children…






This little guy had an injury to his foot… I dare say a toe may have been missing. 

He wasn’t bleeding any more so Ty had the kids let him go in our pasture where he won’t be tormented by mowers any more.  One little dear said that Ty broke her heart because he made them let it go.  <3

Several days later, Mark was sitting in the living room and had a sudden intake of breath… a little brown bunny had come up to our slider and peered in, and then when the kids ran up to the window, he trotted off into the pasture.  Maybe that was him saying thanks!  You never know.  =)