Monday, June 18, 2012

painting things


Having a boy (enough said) and a girl that is too young to get super crafty yet, I tend to get my crafting fix on my own for the time being.  Mark does a little homeschool crafting, to ensure fine motor skill development, but it is not something he usually gets excited about, or something I really plan as special fun activities.

Until the other day, when Mark came in with a squiggly stick and asked if he could paint it like a snake.  “Yes!” I exclaimed.  I quickly whipped out some paints, brushes and newspaper and got him set up.  Meanwhile, Susie comes up and asks, “Mom, I paint dis?” and holds up a rock.  Sure, Susie! 




The whole time I kept thinking of the wedge of wood shaped like a bunny that I found as a kid.  I painted it as brown and white spotted bunny, and my mom still has it.  I was so proud of that thing.

His snake turned out pretty and colorful and he played with it for a few days until it broke Susie broke it in half.





Susie was entertained for quite a long time, in deep concentration.  She painted layer upon layer until it was all mixed into one medium green tone.  After it dried, we put eye stickers on it and called it her pet rock.  It is lost now, of course, but it was fun while it lasted! 

Painting ordinary items is fun and sparks the imagination!

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  1. How fun! I still have Marks' snake stick here that he wanted to take home and paint. I love that bunny and don't forget the horses you painted too.