Monday, February 28, 2011

california {part one}


I’m really not trying to milk two posts out of our California trip, I just have that many pictures!  So here comes the pictures of our trip down.  The drive was over eight hundred miles one-way and we spread it over two whole days, making many stops for the kids’ needs, as well as fun stops along the way.

The first fun stop we made was the Heaven on Earth Restaurant on Grant’s Pass in Oregon…


We were just about to call Ty’s mom and ask her where she had said the place was with the awesome cinnamon rolls when we saw their big sign!  It was really rustic inside.


DSC_0389  DSC_0390

We were waiting to order and this man got up to leave and the waitress said, “Oh, sir, don’t you want me to box up the rest of your cinnamon roll?” and he said no thanks.  I looked over and his ‘leftovers’ still occupied half the dinner plate!  I was tempted to say, “We’ll take them!”  Then I realized that was kinda weird.  Maybe a lot weird.  But I took a picture to show you how big they were (not at his table – that would be for sure weird!)…


For some reason, that picture does not do it justice.  That is a round cake box and the roll filled it even though it doesn’t look like it in the picture.  They were truly the size of a dinner plate.  And very delicious, though they are the “bready” (vs. “gooey”) variety, but the bread was really, really good!  And I am usually on team Goo. 

Anyway, the little coffee break set up the format for the rest of the trip…


His and hers coffee was my life support.  I felt the need to text friends about random things along the way because I was stuck in a car with toddlers for hours on end.  And I took many, many bad pictures out the window of the car.  Really, I know they rarely turn out good but I just couldn’t stop myself.  On to the good stuff.

Near Grant’s Pass Oregon we took exit 55, leaving I-5, and taking the Redwood Highway 199, which would lead us to our first tourist attraction.  A short time later, we crossed the line into California and we did NOT like what we saw.  There was a very frequent, “Really?” and “You’ve got to be kidding me.” muttered during this time…


Yes, we were greeted with a foot of snow.  Granted, this was not on I-5, since we took the Redwood Highway, it was a more mountainous route, but still.  Snow?!  Really?  On our Cali vacation!?

But it soon cleared up and the scenery was really beautiful…


We turned off the highway for our destination which was basically a logging road which takes you to the park and then back to the highway. This is the point where Mr. B. started yelling, “There’s a big’un!!!” about every thirty seconds.  I can’t tell you how many times we thought we had found the biggest one and had to stop and take pictures all over again.


And we hadn’t even arrived at our destination yet.  But it wasn’t a bother, it was a beautiful drive and the trees were mammoths.


The road literally weaves in and around these trees, some of them even had scars where cars had scraped them many a time.  And this was our destination in the woods…


There was a little trail about a mile long that wound through the forest full of giant Coastal Redwoods, putting us in our place, in awe of God’s creation…




We paused at the biggest tree in the grove (we think) and took a family picture, balancing the Nikon on a slimy, wet log!


So that was the biggest (as in, ‘fattest’) tree in the grove, but Coastal Redwood trees are actually known for being the tallest, not the fattest.  The fat ones are Giant Sequoias and we didn’t see them on this trip, though they are in the area.


DSC_0466  DSC_0476


I kept trying to get a whole tree in the picture with something to compare it to for size, but they were just too tall!  I couldn’t even come close to capturing the whole thing.


Except at this angle…


So we continued down the logging road back toward the highway to look for a place to camp out in the van.  The forest was so shaded by the giants that there was tons of moss, making these trees look like creatures rising up out of a swamp…


And the last picture of the night, before it got officially too dark to take pictures, this big ole stump, almost as big as our van…


I might have been a little bit sad that Mr. B. didn’t jump out with his pocket knife to add our initials. 

So that is the first leg of the trip.  Hopefully my teething daughter will be nice and afford me enough time to show you the rest of the trip tomorrow!



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