Monday, June 11, 2012

Farm Chicks - finds {2012}


Here are the items I came home with from Farm Chicks vintage market, how much I paid for them (because people always ask me what the prices are like) and what I am doing with them around the house…


A pile of goodies…


Here’s what I did with this pile…




The key hanger ($5) and the metal drawer ($8) were from Lisa Souers Designs, that first booth’s name display I showed you a picture of in the last post.  She has a huge double or triple booth full of industrial goods.  I love it every year. 

The binoculars were from 3 Craft Chicks and were just $5 since I discovered that only one side works.  I love their chips and dings, and that makes them “okay” for the kiddos to play with.  They will bounce around the living room or sit on the buffet in the entry. 



The first day, I had my eye on a divided basket like this one for $30, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it yet.  Good thing, because the second day I found the same one for $12.  It will stock my potatoes and onions, once I buy more onions!



From the linens table called Orange Crush (I couldn’t find them online; they are out of Tacoma WA and I think they only do shows).  They actually have more than just linens; mass quantities of cowboy boots, old keys, old paper goods, old quilts that make me smile, belts, purses, and much more.  That table is intense.  It is from one of the “bulk” type sellers.  One man is responsible for pricing everything; you hold it up for him to see, he gives you a price.  This one was $10.  Last year a lady pretended she needed to reach something, and when I politely moved out of the way, she took and remained in my spot, going through all the linens I had been going through.  Ruthless, I tell you.  More from this seller later…



Normally I get Lotus Bowls at the thrift store, but this whole set was $3 which is cheaper than thrifting, so I got them.  My set is growing, but I need to add in some colored ones!



I really like these hair ties.  They aren’t the tightest, but their main selling point is that they don’t “dent” your hair after you take the pony tail out (TRUE!) and they look cute on your wrist.  I actually like the loose pony they create for me, allowing my grown out bangs to be loose and provide some interest.  These were $2-$3 each, depending on how many you bought.  By Sweet Ties Hair Ties, started by a teenage girl, and she does sell on Etsy.



Haha.  These came from a huge wooden box full of probably a hundred just like them.  They are “BEST FIT Crowns”; a set of different sizes of dental crowns in these glass vials, I guess!  Don’t worry, all the vials were empty.  I’ll get around to doing something with them someday… maybe a pendant necklace holding sand and tiny shells from a trip???




This was a fun find and one of my larger purchases.  I had seen the large plates at the thrift store on Thursday.  I decided they were pretty beat up and I was kinda crazy for liking them and left them there.  Then Friday at the sale, I stumbled across the teacups and saucers from the same set, and in great condition!  I purchased the set of 6 cups and 6 saucers for $18, cheaper than thrifting!  On our way home, I stopped at that thrift store and they still had the 7 dinner plates, which I purchased for $15.  It is a funny old set, and I will put it up in my cabinet with a glass door so they can be seen.




Not having all the parts I need for a couple of projects using these two pieces, I just layered them in with my crafting supplies to look cute for now.

The drawer hardware will be added to a crate with casters when I find a good sturdy crate.  It was $3.

The plate will be made into a little cake stand with domed lid, after my next trip to a thrift store.  You can see my inspiration which I will completely copy in a picture in my last post (it’s in front of the paint by number).  The plate was $2.



Some pretty vintage broaches.  One was $6 and one was $8.  I have been looking for ones like this for a long time at the thrift store.  I just need to find some frames (easier said than done) and I’m going to display these pretties like this.

They are sitting on a lovely flour sack in excellent condition, that is in colors I used in my bedroom!  It was $18, which is not bad for the color and condition of this one.  It is two-sided, so I will use one of the identical sides for a pillow for the bed, and one for an apron.



Bingo cards!  This pack of 10 was $3.  I have no idea what to do with them.  I thought postcards, or invitations or place cards.



I found one of two beakers on my wishlist!  This shape will be fun for little flowers the kiddos bring in.  It was $6.  I also wanted a tall straight jar type beaker to put tons of pencils in on my desk, but only found a small one for nearly triple the price of this one.  I decided to hold off on that one.



And I got that sweet sailboat paint by number from the last post!  The girls were so sweet at this booth, which was called Wild Whimsy, and they have a blog.  It was $10 and kicks off my paint by number collection.  I love the colors!  I had planned on putting it in Susie’s room when Mark moves back upstairs, but she was locked tight sleeping in her room when I was unpacking goodies and it ended up in my room!  Oops!  I don’t think it’s leaving any time soon.  I love it with the sweet $4 shell I got, too.



Some large vintage maps, $2 each.  Projects!  Mom, one of these is for your tray.  You’re welcome.




I love this quilt.  It is actually just the top piece; I have to put the backing and binding on it.  It is a big full or queen, so when Susie gets a twin mattress on a platform I am planning, it should go near to the floor.  It was at the crazy linens table, Orange Crush.  I think after a wash and some finish work this will make the sweetest quilt for Susie’s big girl bed soon.  The man priced it at $40, but I got a two-for deal…



This one equally caught my eye.  For either Susie’s room (until I finish the other one ;) or for a family / picnic / outside quilt.  It is also a full or queen and is in great shape so the man priced it at $40 as well.  I let him think about it for a while.  Then I offered $60 for both and he took my offer!  This was the second day, imagine the goodies this booth had worth digging for the first day.  These are actually really good prices.  There were many quilts at the show at other booths selling in the $200-$300 range.  And I spent between $100-$200 on just the fabric for my last quilt, not to mention the batting and a whole lotta time!


So those are my finds. 

If you are interested in the show, Serena, the curator blogs here.  She does regular posts, as well as updates as the show draws near each year. 

Did anyone else attend the show?  What were your favorite shops or favorite finds?


  1. Cute stuff! :) and I have three of those red and white plates! :D

  2. You got some great finds! :)

    Unrelated to those finds- where do you get your washi tape?

  3. If you're not picky, Target has some now with the post-it notes. I generally get mine on Etsy, and it's not priced too bad. I have a couple items favorited and I think I favorited a shop or two that sell it on my list there, too. Link on the right to my Etsy. =)