Thursday, June 7, 2012

memorial day


I’m late, can you believe it?  I know, it’s mind boggling.

Here are a few shots of our Memorial day weekend…


When you are a midget, you get to sit on the play table and no one notices…



DSC_0177 (1)

A friend decided the only thing that is growing is her hair.  I think it’s true.  She is 2 1/2 and I am just now getting rid of some of her 12-18 months clothes. 


On another note, when you are a big tough boy, you get to steer your dad’s dirt bike…



They had gone on a big ride with my dad and the neighbor.  Mark steered all the way back from that highest hill in the background.  My guys are crazy.


After their ride it was time for some hard work…

DSC_0188     DSC_0189


That is some serious logging.  =)


Mark was a wild man this weekend, he just wanted to ride, ride, ride. 




In the last year he has gone from being timid to ride, and us having to pressure him to ride, to, “Can I ride my gas dirt bike?” “Now can I ride my trials bike?” “Now can I ride my bicycle?”


I have never been one of those moms who wants her babies to be babies forever… I think I am missing some maternal chromosome or something.  I have always much anticipated the next phase, and it is even more so now that Susie is communicating and Mark is coming out of his shell.  But the faster it goes, I must admit, the more I realize how quickly they will be moving out!  It is getting a little scary.  When Susie’s chubby baby feet are gone I think I will have to sit down and cry for a whole day.  That’s normal, right?

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  1. LOVE the photos of the boys together!!! Memories that both will forever treasure... =)