Monday, January 30, 2012

thrift junky chronicles { 16 } & catching up


Whew!  The last couple weeks have been ca-ra-zy!  First we got snowed in for a week.  Well not literally unable to leave our house, but still.  And after that we got the flu for a week!  Again!  We just had the flu not too long ago.  I didn’t get it last time; this time, I was in bed for 24 hours in severe pain everywhere.  A friend asked me, “How do you take care of your kids when you are that sick?” I said, “You leave your bedroom door cracked so you can hear if someone is in a life threatening situation.”  Yeah, that was all we could do.  The kids were sick for like two days, then hubby and I were sick the next two days.  We were blessed because our house guests who were already exposed to anything we had were around to keep an eye on the kiddos a lot while Ty and I were dying.  And then one of them got it too.  Whoa.  Glad to be back! 

Anyway, had a couple more good finds at the thrift stores the past few days…

DSC_0512 DSC_0521


cool tree notebook that is unused for $0.99

Le Cruset dish for $2.99

a “Fred” mug  ($1.99 and 50% off) – a must have with two Freds under my roof (hubby and son – family name)

those little tiny loaf pans?  I think I will make pin cushions out of them… still thinking about it.  They were $2.99 for the four which is fine for reselling.

three neat old jars.  No lids or anything, and just marked with a “W” on the bottoms with a circle around it.  They are really thick and seem old and remind me of expensive “found” ones Pottery Barn had this summer.  They were $0.25 each



new vintage threads on wooden spools ($3.99 for big bag

a vintage metal embroidery hoop ($0.99). 

set of mini loaf pans ($2.99)!  I have no idea what I will do with these loaf pans yet other than to hold on to them until I see the perfect organizing opportunity for them, perhaps a bathroom drawer?  And also to make miniature banana bread for the kids to have a tea party.  Side note: my friend Leah looked all over Farm Chicks flea market for these and did not find any.  When I found this I took a picture in the thrift store and texted it to her and might have said “neener neener” at one point.  Is that a sin?  I am pretty sure it is.  Leah will you forgive me? 

Anyway that is plenty of that.  Want to see one non-thrifted purchase?  Some new fabrics to replenish the zippered pouches in my Etsy shop…



Thrift store fabrics (scrap yardage, sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers) make a lot more profit for resale, but these fabrics just had me at hello.  This is why I go thrift store shopping now instead of to fabric stores!  Do you see the fattest piece in the top picture?  It looks like the grid paper AshleyAnn always crafts with – SO SWEET.  Super excited about some combinations with these and some of my current stash, too.  I’ll keep you posted.

I think I might make some of this bag to sell…


It is a photo of a page in the Amy Butler book, “amy butler’s style stitches” which has “12 easy ways to 26 wonderful bags” in it with instructions and patterns.  This one is the “origami bag set” which stands up on it’s own like a long triangle.  So cute.  I would like to sell nested sets of two.  What do you think?

The shop has been going well; since opening about a week ago I have had 4 orders, selling 6 items.  That is decent.  Of course I am already swarming with better ideas; better pictures, different designs, new items… hopefully a lot of it will come to fruition!

Reserved for Sue



Been packaging things cute, that is a vintage sewing pattern I am using as tissue paper in the middle picture – you can get millions of patterns at Goodwill every day.  A long time ago I bought a vintage kitchen scale, only to get it home and realize it is a postal scale!  Now it is coming in handy, so cute and retro too!

Anyway, going out with the kids to join hubby’s family for 24 hours of vacation!  Gotta go!  More this week!

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