Thursday, January 5, 2012

gift ideas { hop scotch mat }


This is one of the gifts I made for some little friends for christmas…


It’s a handmade hopscotch mat to provide hours of healthy, energy-burning play indoors…




It was super cheap and easy to make (I roughly used a tutorial I pinned on Pinterest).  For the mat, I bought a 4’ x 15’ canvas painters drop cloth from the hardware store for less than $10.  I drew out the hopscotch pattern using a sharpie and a ruler and a 1’ square template.  Then I cut off the excess length of mat and hemmed that edge.  Then I used fabric paint and a 5-cent sponge paint brush to paint on the numbers.  I made three little beanbags (there are three girls) for them to toss.  Done!


It was easy, is very healthy and great for moms when we can’t say “go outside!”  It has been used a few times already.  I imagine it would be a great gift for kids who live in apartments… or in the Pacific Northwest where even if you live on a couple acres, sometimes the rain makes it seem like you might as well live in an apartment since you never get to go outside!  Sorry…  Can you tell what the weather’s bee doing here???  Anyway, I had to share this sweet gift for any time of year, for less than ten bucks!


  1. I love this idea so much I will just have to make one. What a great alternative to sludging in the rain outside. Even Washintonians hit their wet muddy yard limit! Thanks!

  2. I woke up to sun this morning. So when are you guys moving down? :)

  3. Oh, pipe down Miss Leah. I know you trade that glorious sunshine for living close to me again! ;)