Friday, February 3, 2012

what i wore wednesday


I decided to challenge myself by starting to share “what I wore wednesday” as started by the Pleated Poppy.  Don’t worry, I will not bore you with the majority of my outfits which consist of yoga pants and my MollyMoon shirt, but when I do come up with something presentable, I think sharing it here will encourage me to keep it up, try more often for a great outfit and be brave about fashion!  So here goes, a couple outfits from last week…

First up is date night, and looking at this, it was actually back when we were “snowed in” almost two weeks ago. 


Kinda hard to see, sorry lighting was bad.  Manly the Pinspiration was just that I wanted a striped skirt.  How delighted was I to find this one at Forever21 for $7.80?!  If you need one, it is actually only $5.80 now!  I paired it with this sweater, leggings, boots and boot socks, and a belt at the hem of the shirt. 

By the way, I am having a little love affair with Forever 21 right now.  Really love their mix and match atmosphere and LOVE their low prices.  Recently got two sweaters at Gap Outlet - $25/each and that was at 50% off!  Taking them back.  Got two at Forever 21 for $14 and $17.  Also, I love H&M but they are twice as far away, so I don’t get there often.  Same atmosphere, probably even a little more in style or edgy fashion. 

Next we have another outfit inspired by a pin


Love the navy stripes with the bright yellow!  I have a couple yellow and stripes things pinned, actually. 

Lastly, I almost got rid of this dress.  I was showing Leah, my professional fashion advisor =), and we were about to dump it, when we had the idea to add the belt and “untuck” the top of the shirt, shortening the dress, which is okay with leggings.  It works!


I have worn it twice, since then Leah! 

So that’s been my good outfits over like the last… almost two weeks!  Or at least the ones I remembered to take pictures of.  How many days a week do you all make the fashion happen???


  1. I'm so proud of you simply for posting photos of your attire! You are more brave than I am in that department. My favorite is by far the stripped skirt really nailed that one!