Friday, January 20, 2012

productivity at last


I haven’t really been snowed in since the new van is excellent in the snow and hubby LOVES driving in the snow, working on his rally-car-driver-on-a-snow-course-skills, getting sideways and freaking everyone else out.  Whenever we go somewhere I have to inform him constantly, “You know everyone hates you when you drive like this, right?”  He loves every minute of it.  He is not dangerous – he only does it when there aren’t other cars around us, but when they see us coming, then we straighten out and drive normal, they are always staring at us with worried expressions as we drive past.  Sorry people.  We pulled out three people who were stuck… does that make up for scaring the other people?

But school and work have been cancelled for the kids and hubby and myself, and we are all staying home a lot – so there is still a feeling of “cabin fever” even though we aren’t truly stuck here.  As is typical, at first I was thrilled, and now it has turned into long days getting a little boring and the kids getting a little wild.  They had to be pushed to go outside yesterday to get some fresh air – they are apparently over the snow as well. 


We got over a foot; I last measured two days ago at 9 inches, and it snowed at least another 4 inches after that.  Almost over the tops of my boots!  That picture was really hard to take with my 35mm lens, by the way.

Having a borrowed computer (I told you my old one died, right?) without Photoshop on it has shown me I need to be more diligent about getting each shot right,  SOOC (straight out of camera).  I always seem to end up a little dark on my exposures!  Sorry, you’re going to have to put up with it for a bit.  =)


The good news about being snowed in?  It finally gave me some time to get my Etsy shop up and running!  I have about 70% of my items loaded and ready!  It is my goal to get the rest done today, and I will get them all active and blog tomorrow and link you to my little shop!  I’m a little sad I don’t have Photoshop, so I can come up with a better header than the one I have which I made like a year ago, but, it is what it is.

So, until tomorrow … by the way… I have the world’s most glorious recipe to share tomorrow!  It involves fruit, but it is like nothing you’ve ever had before!  You might salivate when you see it.  Or maybe that is just me.


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