Friday, January 13, 2012

thrift junky chronicles { 15 }


I am pretty sure something is wrong with me.  I seriously cannot think straight, stay on one task, or finish anything to completion.  I am going to be admitted to the looney bin at the age of 40 I think.  :(

At least today I managed to take some pictures during good light for the blog; that is important right?  Actually I did some important things done, but they don’t sound very important so I’m not telling you. 

Anyway, I haven’t shared any thrift store finds in a while so I thought I would share some goodies from my last two trips…


Right before my sale, I found three footed milk glass bowls ($2.99/ea) at one time, and thought that was crazy, and now this time I found four!  They will become pincushions for my etsy shop which I still have not gotten up… I have the stuff… hopefully hubby will let me lock myself in the bedroom Saturday and get everything listed.

The old wooden rack with dividers ($5) in the back is super shadowed – sorry – but it is going to hold all of my ribbon spools, whenever I locate them in my attic.  Here is a closer shot…


I have my vintage ric rac find holding the ribbon’s place for now.  =)

I got that little blue juice glass ($0.69) to use as a tea light holder in my room.


I am discovering that I am moving away from country and more toward vintage with my tastes, so I thought it would be a nice touch in my room, which is stuck in a year long makeover… it is officially on the to-do-list, though!  Progress!

Next we have some books and a sweet blue loaf pan ($1.99)


The loaf pan holds hubby’s fancy new shaving supplies he got for christmas.

That book with the diamonds is titled “Harlequin House”… Harlequin rung bells, and it was copyright 1939 and totally cute, so I bought it ($3) without knowing much about it.  Looking up the harlequin novels, I think they are the quite racy and inappropriate ones… looking this particular one up online didn’t show much – only one identical copy for sale for $9.99 with no description.  I read a few pages and it seemed like all the other historical romance… might have to tentatively try it. 

The Hebrew book is crazy (also $3)!  We briefly studied the very basics of the Hebrew language in bible school at my church, and this book caught my attention…


--that is the FRONT cover of the book!  Hebrew reads from right to left so the whole book situated that way… strange!  Looks pretty on the shelf.

Last but certainly not least we have some material that I couldn’t pass up, since it was a manager’s special -- all linens were 30% off!…


The top one is very drapy and soft, I might try to make a shirt out of it, but it is a square scarf ($2.99), so I’m going to look at Wendy’s video and see if there is a cool way I can wear it.  Let’s face it, it’d be like a year before I did anything with it … is that just me?

The middle is a set of sweet vintage pillowcases (set $2.99) that will make great “go but not matchey” pillows for my bed [cough] if I ever get my quilt done!!!

And the bottom is actually a set of fitted and flat queen sheets (set $6.99) which are making their way into my bathroom makeover…


It makes an excellent shower curtain!  The one I wanted at Tarjay was $20 and I needed two because I have another project in this room, so getting this set instead at the thrift store saved me $37!!!  Awesome. 

What is not awesome is losing Susie’s last pacifier and starting potty training the same day…


For some reason she seems to have stage fright and keeps pointing her finger and saying “Hey, get that camera out of here!”… I don’t know why.

But things are looking up, I just found out I am off today through next Tuesday!  WOOT!  WOOT!  Maybe I can get some things done around here and share them with you!

Until then, remember, always wash your hands…



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  1. She is too little for big girl undies!!!! I dont know if I cant handle this growing up business.
    And, that wood, love. Love how you are using it. I noticed it right away. Did you thrift that? Sick.
    And I love your blog.