Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow days


Greetings from the white and fluffy Pacific Northwest!  We have been playing in the snow since Saturday! 






These photos were taken yesterday but my computer has quite literally died, so I am back on a borrowed computer until I set aside a few paychecks for a new laptop. 

Susie had the sledding system all figured out; just act cute and cold and helpless and like you can’t move cause your mom put so many layers on you, and the girls will feel sorry for you and you will get to ride down the sledding hill every. single. time.



That was her last pass.  I didn’t have the heart to snap her face planting, I switched into mom gear.  Let’s just say it was not a graceful dismount, and Carmen and the sled kept going.  Susie was highly offended.  =) 

Anyway, the snow and the kids being off school kinda threw a spoke in the wheels of me being productive on my few days off.  It takes a lot to entertain kids when they are “stuck in” and when they do go out, it creates so much work dressing, undressing, and drying mass amounts of clothes and shoes and gloves and… yeah.  Regardless, I still love snow days!  Good thing, because today/ tonight/ tomorrow, we are supposed to get up to 14 more inches!!!  


  1. I love Susie's face when she is sliding with Blanca! She looks like a mini Mark in that picture. So cute. Haha...but I do kinda wish there was a face plant picture. Does that make me a bad God mother?

  2. If you had been there I would have taken the picture while you rescued her! =)

  3. Love the pics! They all look so happy! Was Mark too cool to sled with the girls??

  4. Haha, no Kristel, the poor guy was at the monster truck show. It's a rough life.