Monday, November 21, 2011

scarf LOVE

I have loved scarves for a few years now, but never knew what to “do” with them and always felt a little too fluffy when I tried to wear them.  That didn’t stop me from buying more and more.  I kept thinking I needed a different color, pattern, fluffiness or length.

Does anyone else have the same problem(s) as me?  Hello?  Anyone?

Well, last week, somehow I found this video…

Wendy’s 25 ways to tie a scarf on YouTube

For some reason, seeing Wendy do the different styles step by step makes me feel confident that I did it right or something?  I might have been alone in my room watching this at 2 am while hubby was out of town, pausing, playing, pausing, playing and following the steps in front of my mirror.  Maybe.

Now that I know what to do with scarves, I have done about three different knots,  and worn scarves a total of 6 times this past week!   Yay scarves!


  1. I love scarves too... It's a bit of a problem! I saw that video before & it's crazy how many different ways you can wear them. I was happy to see, that I know quite a few of them though! = )

  2. That was so awesome- I think I will refer back to it and start wearing my scarves again.

  3. You are so funny Tasha!!! I didn't know there were so many different ways to wear a scarf!!! LOL Makes me want to go get a scarf like that.

  4. I watched that too! Pretty awesome! Glad you posted it will be way easier to find and use!