Friday, November 11, 2011

friday miscellany


I am so ready for the weekend.  I am still nagged by things I didn’t get done last weekend.  Wedding photos to finish up, curtains to make, house to clean, book shelves to line with paper, furniture painting to finish.  Yeah.  Among other things.  Oh, yeah, and working like a mad woman to finish a bunch of stuff for the Dickens Fair coming up the first Saturday in December.  That’s the kicker right there.

Anyway, I thought I would share some randomness. 

Mark played soccer this year and loved it!  But the poor little guy (not) was riding dirt bikes with dad on picture day.  What a rough life.  No problem – I happen to be a photographer for a company that does sports photography.  I took his picture another day at practice and had some prints made.  I also had these made…



Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  Mark saw them and started giggling like a little school girl.  And he doesn’t even know what baseball cards are.  I need to show him Ty’s old collection.  Still he was giddy to see himself on something like this.  Such a cool little idea, he can’t wait to pass them out to his grandmas and friends.  =)

Meanwhile the little lady has been up to all kinds of mischief…


See the pink all over her face?  She has seen me put powder on my face with a big brush and sometimes I put it on her to tickle her and be silly.  Well she must have decided to do it herself with some pink chalk.  It looked so funny in person.  Like a clown or mime or something.  I love that it was pink chalk too, so fitting.

One of our hens must have found some Wheaties out in the pasture, because man…



All I can say is “OW!”  Poor girl.  That wasn’t the only time, either.  We got ten new baby chicks, by the way.  Did I already tell you that?  Don’t worry, I didn’t take pictures of them.  Sharing my big-egg pictures is bad enough.  =)

We made some fall –L-eaves in homeschool for letter L the other day…


They were a pain.  After we adults basically made our own, we just let the kids cut out some plain ones and hung them together in the window.  The kiddos aren’t good enough with their scissors yet to do the inside part, or really make the wax paper exact enough.  They are pretty though, especially when the setting sun is coming in that window.  Thanks, Mom, for the crayon shavings!  You can have the rest back now, I never want to see them again.  ;)

So for the update on my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?  Not done yet.  I think I just decided about an hour ago that I do need to distress it more.  So I will have to do that this weekend.  For now, here is what ONE coat of Old Ochre looks like with one coat of clear wax:



It truly does have a patina.  As soon as I put the wax on it took on an aged look.  I want to sand some of the places that would have been word if it was actually old and distress on the edges of the drawers more.  The nice thing about this paint and wax is that when you get done, if you don’t like your look you can put more paint and/or wax right over the top.  Crazy awesome.  So I’ll share when I get it all done.  =)

Have a wonderful Friday!  Godbless!

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