Tuesday, November 1, 2011



halloween kinda bugged me this year.  whenever I heard “trick or treat” I imagined little chucky standing on someone's door step, threatening a “trick”.  I also didn’t like “happy halloween” like we are all celebrating evil together.  I also don’t like that spell checker is trying to get me to capitalize “halloween”.  I also didn’t like the creepy houses with fog and tombstones and mummies with glowing eyes making death noises coming up out of the lawn.  yeah.  oh, and Ty told me I was going to hell because I skipped bible school to take the kids trick or treating with him on Satan’s holy day.  =) 

I am a lame mother and didn’t take photos of the kids.  Mark was store-bought Ironman, and Susie just wore a tutu and some mardi gras necklaces for fun.  I figured she wouldn’t leave on any hats, hoods, headbands, etc., and I never came up with anything to do for her which didn’t involve that.  or involve buying a bunch of stuff and driving all over town.   next year. 

I did get this picture of Ty and I on Saturday night before an adult halloween party, though…


He went as me/soccer player, and I went as him/logger.  I even smelled like a logger by the way.  At the party, my friend Kristel was like “what’s that smell?” yeah, it was me.  Chainsaw gas.  I look like a man in that picture so apparently it was a good costume.

Anyway, that is about it.  I have an awesome old vintage camera to clean up and show you and I have some painting to do, hopefully one of those things can get done tomorrow on my day off! 

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  1. wow...all that work we've done in the fashion department down in drain in one night! Haha. You guys and your smiles...priceless! And I love that Suz just dressed up in play clothes...I bet she loved it. But I am going to scold you for not putting up a picture of little iron man!