Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint { THE AFTERS! }


So I did finally get a chance to paint my sideboard with my Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint a couple weeks ago.  Then I couldn’t bring myself to blog it cause I needed to distress and wax a little more.

The process went like this...

I did not sand or prime anything.

I painted one coat of Old Ochre chalk paint with a cheapo natural brush.  It was near midnight so I let it dry overnight.

I rubbed on one coat of clear wax the next day using an old onesie.

More than a week later I finally got a chance to do a little more distressing and touched up those spots with a little more wax.


So happy with the results...






Now I admit, if this had been a nice, old piece of furniture with some detail and real quality craftsmanship, I would have gone the extra mile and done two coats of paint and a coat of clear, then a coat of dark wax to bring out the details.  That said, this is an Ikea piece.  No major details here, so I am just happy that it is no longer orange-pine and it does look like it has some age to it - it looks like I painted it like ten years ago!  Some people don’t like that look, but I do.  The first coat of paint was pretty good, and the minute I touched it with the wax, I was ooohing and ahhhing.  The wax really does give it the patina of age and depth.  And I only used clear!  I can't wait to get my hands on another project (I have three more to do) and give the dark wax a try.  By the way, if you wax a piece and decide it needs more paint: apply right over the wax!  So easy.  Also, I put my stuff back on it the same night - no tackiness for days like you get with latex or polyurethanes.

Cost?  I realize this stuff is a little spendy.  Okay, quite spendy.  But the paint goes far, so let's break it down.  This was a big buffet that I painted.  I did one coat, but let's consider I had done two... I only used about 1/4 of the quart of paint, so let's double it to half, which breaks down to about $20.  And I only used about 1/6 of the can of wax, which breaks down to about $4.  So I got the look I wanted on a whole buffet for $24.  I'm okay with that.  Also, these paints can be mixed to create other colors (I have seen formulas online), thickened by leaving the lid off, thinned into a wash by adding water, or changed by the use of clear or dark waxes, so you aren't stuck with one specific shade when you have paint left over.

I am totally happy with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and with the stockist where I purchased it, Bella Bungalow of Arlington WA.  Annie Sloan’s site will help you find a stockist, or person allowed to sell the paint, in your area.  And of course, as you know I am a teeny tiny blogger and was certainly not paid to give this opinion.

This leaves two little projects yet to do in my entry and I will have to share when the whole room is done.  Right now, it’s nose to the grindstone to get stuff done for my upcoming Dickens Fair!  By the way, I finally got my info and I will share that with you tomorrow!  Peace!