Monday, November 28, 2011

seriously random tidbit


Did you know this was possible?

iron paper

I didn’t really either.  In my filing cabinet drawers-turned desk, instead of putting labels in the slots, I stuck little map papers in there.  It looks super cute.  Someday when I go to IKEA and they actually have my wood desk top, and I bring it home and set it up, I will show you.  =) 

Anyhoo…  Susie loves to get the papers out and have her way with them, which leaves them looking a little sad looking depressing.  I knew it was possible to flatten paper, as some friends once stole a crinkled family picture of ours and had it fixed and framed for us.  Now, I am guessing the iron would be a bad idea on a photograph (or maybe use a towel in between), but for this I thought I’d give it a try.  It worked!

I will now end this public service announcement that you will probably never need. 

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