Monday, October 31, 2011

oh. my. gosh.


yesterday I walked into my room.  I heard a strange noise.

my cat was in my closet. standing on his hind legs.  pulling my shoes off my shoe shelves.  he had several pairs on the floor and was digging for more.  what the--

hopefully he didn’t snag any of them, I thought.

I shoed him out (haha) and started putting them back.

oh no.  he didn’t.  because I wouldn’t call it snag.  I would call it ate.


What the heck!!??  The stinking cat ate my shoes, are you joking me?

And it totally shows when I wear them too.      

I just got these shoes like two weeks ago.   I have no words.


I had just brought home these little cans of amazingness which helped keep the smile on my face despite the shoe incident…



Oh baby, I have waited a long time to try miss Annie Sloan’s CHALK PAINT!

The paint is expensive but DIYers are raving about it to no end and I haven’t heard a bad review yet – everyone is blown away. 

These are the claims, which I have heard confirmed:

  • use on walls, furniture, floors, whatever
  • one coat coverage most times
  • water clean up, even after it dries on brushes for weeks
  • colors can be mixed, and different shades can be achieved with the same color using the different waxes
  • you can thicken it by leaving the lid off, or thin it with water to show wood grain through
  • use it on any surface including wood, plastic, stone, brick, concrete and metal
  • no sanding or priming – ever
  • distresses easily
  • extremely low VOCs so it is great for the environment

Here are some examples from my favorite furniture refinisher, Miss Mustard Seed…




Pick up your jaw off the floor now.  =)  Pretty neat, huh?  Those images are from her gallery

There aren’t a ton of stockists for this stuff.  The shop I went to is The Bella Bungalow in Arlington, and although I was in my usual flaky fashion and showed up a week early for her grand opening, she was so friendly and helpful and spent time to help me even though her store was closed. 

The paint is spendy.  I had an unexpected commission at work, so I splurged.  And with the clear and/or dark waxes I can actually create 4 or 5 shades with just these two colors.  I am also considering painting my kitchen table, my stools and two dining chairs.  The last review I read said a gal painted a big nightstand and did two coats of wax during her toddler’s nap and she only used a half inch of paint.  That convinced me.  I will definitely keep you posted on my progress.

I know this is a teaser post of sorts, but I just couldn’t wait.  Anyone else tried the Chalk Paint yet?

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