Thursday, January 6, 2011

wise men still seek him

I have a sign in my house that says Wise Men Still Seek Him. I got it during Christmastime one year and then a couple years later, decided maybe it was meant to leave out all year. It makes sense either way: at Christmastime as men who are wise still seek him all these years later every Christmas, or all year as men who are wise seek him all year long. So even though I am a little late (after all, when am I ever on time in my life?) I am sharing these two YouTube videos others shared with me this year.

The first is The Digital Story of the Nativity:

Okay, that is just funny… all those images pop up so fast but we all know what they are! Thanks to the friend who emailed it to me! =)

And the second is The Christmas Story as told by the children of St Paul’s Church:

That is the sweetest thing! Their accents are so precious! I love, “and then she was like, ‘I can’t – I’m not married and stuff!’” Yeah, the ‘and stuff’ was pretty important.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those videos. I do have some real life things to go finish so I can blog about them! I have to go through the photos and share Christmas at my mom’s with you still! We did it this past weekend, so I am not as late as you think!

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