Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1 year / 140 posts

Do you know what I missed? My own blogiversary! I kept thinking it might be coming up and never looked it up until just now and it was on January 21st! One year and 140 posts later, here I am still sharing!

Looking back at my first post ever, I didn't know if I had it in me to keep at it. But, blogging has become such a fun and unique little hobby. Fun because I am a girl and what girl doesn't love gabbing, sharing ideas, successes and failures, and telling people what to do about this or that? And not unique because no one else has one, let's face it, dogs have blogs these days. But unique in and of itself. Blogging is just weird to me. Weird but I love it. It is weird that little old me has anything to share that you people actually care about (all 9 of you followers ;). It is weird that we read something in a post that we relate to and practically get warm butterflies in our tummies, like, "See? I knew there was someone else out there a little bit like me." and it somehow makes us feel good. It is weird that we then feel the need to comment and tell the blogger that they are just like us. It is weird that the blogger then reads our comment and has warm butterflies that someone out here is just like them! Like I said, the whole thing is kind of strange... or shall I say, unique.

Anyway, this is your heads up that I will be having a little giveaway soon! My goal is at the end of the month and three items to giveaway! I have been crafting and have two extra items on hand, and need to figure out one more. If you have been reading, and keep reading, you can probably guess what they are. So at the end of the month I think I will do three separate giveaway posts so you can enter or not enter whether you like the item or not.

So thanks for sticking around!


  1. Wow! How time flies. I really enjoy all you girls blogs. Thanks for entertaining me.