Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pottery Barn Deal


Okay, I was in Pottery Barn yesterday.  Again, I am not rich, I was shopping for a client.  That sounds really fancy, but she’s related to me, so it’s really not. 

I found these on clearance for 99 cents and had to snag six of them even if I never use them…


A little tricky to write on with chalk but I might finally have an excuse to buy some of those chalk markers like they use at Starbucks, so it’s all good. :)

Then, while checking out I remembered to ask about their Pottery Barn Bedrooms book I have been waiting to catch on sale.  They have a whole line of books including Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Workspaces, Outdoor Spaces… I am forgetting at least one.  Anyway, she looked up Bedrooms and said she didn’t have any but U Village had 24 and they were on sale for $3.95!  They are regular $24.99!  I had her check the others in the series and they were all on sale so I snagged a couple, but it was hard work, because all their books are covered in brown paper!


A cute pain when you are searching for the last Living Rooms copy in the whole store!  I already had Bathrooms (from when I was working on the MIL’s bathroom.  Yesterday I added to my collection…

DSC_0025  DSC_0035

My favorite part is looking at the pictures; you can learn from their examples of arranging things, and there are ideas you can glean for organizing and do it on the cheap, too.  I flipped through Workspaces and snapped a few ideas…

DSC_0026  DSC_0027

That ladder with the string for mail is crazy!

DSC_0030  DSC_0029

Love the big containers with bulk office supplies – it makes me feel like I am doing important work.  I have a supply of matching pencils and a jar of paperclips on my desk.

DSC_0031  DSC_0032

Gonna have to look for one of those folding rulers at the next flea market.

DSC_0033  DSC_0034

Those pencils are in one of those straw jars that I gave to goodwill last year.  Darn.  That craft room is fresh and fun.

And, of course, they have nice covers and look great in your living space even without the brown paper ones…

DSC_0024e Mine have a bit of wear from floating around the store, but I don’t mind that. 

The books are no longer listed online, so I think they are going for good.  By the way, searching “book” on Pottery Barn only yielded one result.  I think their book bundles are taking the “found objects” trend a little too far.  Really?  A few old books with the covers torn off for $39.00!?

And I took the last 6 galvanized name plates they had in Alderwood, unless they had more upstairs!  =)  And they don’t seem to be online either.

How about you guys – do you have any good design books?

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  1. I like the wood crate with the office supplies...I have one of those hanging out in the shed and never had any good ideas of what to do with it...thanks! :)