Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fabric Flower Power

I had purchased this hat from Tarjay last summer…


I liked it but never wore it for some reason. Then I saw this fabric flower tutorial roundup and knew what I had to do…


So I already had the hot pink one on hand from when Leah and I sold pillows, I just added a couple buttons in the center. I made the twisted one (mine is not very twisty :( sad) and the spiral one off the tutorial. And now…


I wear it! I wore it to the grocery store the other day. Then I decided I may have had poor judgment and maybe it was too young for me. Then some people told me it was okay, so today I wore it and the employee at Pottery Barn complimented me on it! Now I magically feel like a million bucks in it! Funny how that works. And that is a darn good picture, considering I ran outside and told our Handyman Extraordinaire, “I need you to take a picture of me.” He turns out to be a half decent split-second photographer. He is an excellent handy man, too – if you have any household repairs, painting or woodwork to do, I would be happy to give you his information! And no, we are not rich, we trade babysitting for his services!

I also followed this camera strap cover tutorial. I failed at taking a picture of me wearing my camera in the mirror, so this is all you get…

DSC_1872 DSC_1876

You get the idea. It is made from a vintage pillow case (same as the spiral flower) and the mienke (sp?) is so soft and comfy but horrible to work with. I am making a couple as gifts but they are not getting meinke. Sorry peeps.

Other news…


Both chickens are laying!!! We had our first green egg yesterday!

Have a great evening! We are out the door to Awana. Tomorrow I will post about my PB experience today – you won’t want to miss it! =)


  1. Cute! You look so sassy in that picture. Love it! Kristel might need to tell her man to rethink his line of work...that pic is good.

  2. I was saying through clenched teeth, "shut up and take it" because he was trying to argue with me about the composition, and also thinking of you and your posing shot with E at my mom's!

  3. So can I come over for a sewing lesson? Say teach me how to make a throw pillow?

  4. yeah, Jess, but I'm kind of a McGyver sewer, not a Martha one! Show up with some fabric and your pillow and I'll show you what I do! =)