Thursday, January 27, 2011

Encouragement in Obedience

I was snooping around on the Anderson Crew’s blog when I came across this post.  Usually Mrs. Anderson encourages us and shares her activities with us, but this post was actually written by Mr. Anderson.  What an encouragement it was to me.  It is about stepping out in faith and obeying God, and worry later about the “whys” or “hows” or whether or not you can handle it.  If God only gave us things that were easy to check off our list on our own, would we really see His power?  He gives us more than we think we can handle so that we will seek Him and know His power and love for us.  I needed that and I thought you might be encouraged by it, too.  Our God is powerful!  You have faith?  Step out.  Even though I summarized, go read the whole post.  You’ll be glad you did!


I’m finishing up one last giveaway item and I hope to post the giveaways tomorrow!  Happy day!  =)

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  1. Our bible study is on the book of Ruth and I have been learning the same exact thing. Wonderful and scary at the same time.