Monday, January 3, 2011

Post-Holiday Fun

Hello! I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We certainly did! We had a nice Christmas day with just our little family. I know I am a few days late but I’m gonna share anyway…


Our Christmas morning started with reading the Christmas story from Mark’s Bible. Then the kids opened their stockings. Once Susie got one toy out of her stocking she was happy as could be. Mark continued tearing through his gifts; this was his favorite…


Well, actually, since riding a bike is a hard lesson, the Nerf guns from some friends may have been the favorite. Susie and I were poor innocent bystanders and got hit by many a stray Nerf bullet over the weekend as Mark and Ty dueled.

Funny story though, Ty got the bike Christmas Eve and stashed it in the garage. Then went in the house and got Mark ready for Service. When Mark was ready he went straight out to the garage and Ty got there a moment too late as Mark saw the surprise and said, “Did you get me a bike, Daddy?” So, Ty hustled him off to Service, hoping he would forget. Then Christmas morning Ty and I got up early and waited on the couch with the video camera. Ty pushed record several different times, false alarms, as Mark had to get dressed, turn off his light, use the restroom and wash his hands before coming out and sitting at the top of the stairs where he could see us and the tree and presents. Finally, we are ready to capture the moment, Ty pushes record and tells Mark, “Mark, come down and see what you got for Christmas!” and Mark says, “I already saw it last night in the garage, Daddy.” We should know by now that kid forgets nothing.

Speaking of Ty he did well for himself this year. The moms and I went in together on a new pair of dirt bike boots for him and I had to pick it up from our friend at the last minute when I was supposed to be driving to Christmas Eve Service and tell a little white lie on Christmas Eve. Then Ty was in my face on Christmas Eve so I decided to string him along. Instead of wrapping his boots in a big box, I handed him a little white envelope that looked like it may hold an impersonal gift card and instead held a note…



He was a happy camper. His first pair of brand new boots in his whole adult life, I think. He usually buys used.

And I was happy, too – I got a CHI and now straightening my hair takes about 1/4 of the time it used to and looks way better than it used to. Love it.

After Ty cooked us a biscuit and gravy breakfast, we all headed outside to try out Mark’s bike…

DSC_1466 DSC_1475


DSC_1495 DSC_1513

He does well on the downhill but I think he wonders what pedaling is all about -- it is easier to ride a dirt bike up hills!


DSC_1470 DSC_1478

He decided him and daddy should race. You can see who got the dirt bike and who got the bicycle…



DSC_1536 So that was our quiet little Christmas. We talked a lot with Mark about the Reason for the season. It is hard with his birthday and Christmas so close; it seems every time he sees someone they are giving him toys and he gets too used to it, even asking someone once “Did you bring me something?” After his birthday, I put some of his toys away to rotate them out, and now after Christmas, I am ready to do another round and put some more away! Does anybody else get toy overload?

Later in the week we had my grandparents over for dinner and of course they brought some gifts for the kids. My favorite of which was this little red chair from when I was a girl…


I think it is going to come in handy this summer for some photo shoots with Susie! I am thinking vintage inspired frills and tall grass and sunshine…

DSC_1554 DSC_1558

…and maybe a few shots with big brother, too. =)

And, speaking of frills, Susie got a tutu and I’m not sure she loves it but I sure do!

DSC_1567 DSC_1581

Again, I am envisioning photo shoots! And she should wear it to the grocery store with tights, huh, Leah!? Whenever I find something cute and I ask Leah, “where would I wear this!?” she says, “ugh! Just wear it to the grocery store, Tash!” Anyway, it is so cute it is a little big/long so it falls below her belly in the front and stays high above her bottom in the back and looks like those dresses ladies used to wear that were stuffed in the bum!

Anyway, that is all the holiday hilarity I have for you, except for this one more tidbit. Please. Please. Do not get candles from the discount craft store. Trust me on this.


What is up with that?! I’ve done IKEA candles and they are great – but apparently the discount craft store is taking ‘cheap’ a little too far.



  1. Looks like you and your little family had a perfect Christmas day.What wonderful blessings we have in our lives;-)

  2. I absolutely love the pictures of Suzie....she is so fun!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Love your photos! It makes everything you did look so magical! Good photo taking. Love the one of the "Cheap" candles(0:

  4. Which camera do you have...I am in the market once we get our take return...

  5. Mine is a Nikon D40 but it is discontinued and was basically replaced by the D3000. I got mine as a demo model after it had been discontinued so I got a great deal. I got my lenses through CametaCamera - they are a reliable seller that has great prices on eBay and you can actually call them and order over the phone, too.