Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Fun

This post is really late!  This was when we celebrated Thanksgiving (the weekend after) at my mom’s.  I think this is the last late post – man the residual housework after ignoring it over the holidays did me in this year!  I am all caught up now.  Floors are mopped, bathrooms clean, laundry folded, dishes done.  Phew!

You are probably tired of posts about my Mom and Dad’s by now, so try to keep the blabbing down and just show u the photos…



DSC_0891  DSC_0896

The one above right is Mom and Dad’s place seen from the road.

This one is a tree with dramatic sky that I thought would make a creative B&W… interesting at least…





First, Mark goofing off; then Mark’s reaction when I asked him to do it again so I could take his picture…

DSC_0921  DSC_0922


DSC_0961  DSC_0967

Ty and I loved looking up into the trees…


DSC_0942  DSC_0940

Ty running for his life after he almost fell through the ice…


DSC_0951  DSC_0955


That is the hill Ty tried to propose to me on back in the day, but I wimped out of the long hike in the snow since the road was too bad for our little car.  Then begged him to take me back when I figured out what he was trying to do.  He wouldn’t.  Stubborn brat.  He did propose to me that night though, on a natural rock bench by the river, under a huge full moon.  Almost as good.  ; )


DSC_0881  DSC_0972

That is it!  Now I am all caught up and have a few projects to share this week!

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