Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Leah

This one is for one of my BFFs. Leah and I both have the herb crates that Layla Palmer used in her kitchen (wow that is an old post. – Layla’s kitchen looks even better now). We have both had trouble finding where to put them and how to hang them and even what to put in them. They are a little awkward because they stick off the wall and it is very impossible to find a hook to hang them from that goes with the style of their hook. Mine moved all around the house holding random crap without ever finding a real home until I got the idea to put our homeschool books in them and hang them in our dining (a.k.a. homeschool) area. Then I buckled down and brainstormed a way to hang them that I am so excited about…


Yes! Those sweet little drawer pulls! There are millions of different styles; glass, porcelain, metal, wood – anything to go with your décor. Now the pull originally came with a regular old screw with a head (for installing it on a drawer), but I had to hand pick that screw in my hand for this job out of the huge pull out drawers at Home Depot. It has a fine thread on one end to go into the knob and a wider thread at the other to go into the wall (you may need to ask for help or open the packages to see if it is the right size for your knob, which is usually what the help does ;).DSC_1837

I also had to buy a package of my trusty anchors, since the homeschool books are heavy and there is never a stud where I need it.

So the first thing to do is figure out where you need your knobby hanger. Then I like to use a small nail to test and see if there is a stud there. If it pops right through the sheetrock without running into a stud, then just screw in an E-Z Anchor with a large phillips head screw driver.

Then thread the fine end of the screw into the knob until it stops and then, holding onto the knob, screw the other end into the sheetrock anchor…


See the sheetrock anchor above? When you buy the knob and the anchors, you have to make sure your knob will hide the anchor when it’s all said and done…


Easy, right? Here’s how my herb boxes look hanging from them…



I am so happy with the herb boxes now! What do you think, Leah, wanna tackle yours today?

I think these knobs would be great to hang coats on, aprons or towels with the little corner tabs, or even a picture frame from a ribbon or rope which I think I am going to do to my collage frame! The possibilities are endless!


  1. Well done!! I love it! I should do that upstairs for my craft books.

  2. don't love my current all hanger nails? Ha. Love it! Super cute and easy enough for ERIC to do ;)

  3. where do you get the herb baskets??I really need to do this!

  4. Awesome idea Tasha! I want to do this for hooks in my kitchen!

  5. Hi, Jessica. I got the herb boxes from The Farm gift shop in town, they also had them at Pine Creek Nursery, or if you are willing to hunt for them through pages of results, do a Google shopping search! And I only have 2 of the 4 in the set. It is a trendy item and I would have thought Joyworks would get them in but have not noticed them yet.