Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Paint Tip

I thought of a good painting tip to share when re-painting the accent wall in the kitchen. I had planned on blogging specifically on that paint job, but didn't really need to after I mentioned it and pointed out the paint job in the first set of before and after pics for the tiling post.

So this will be short and sweet. When painting a room, snip out the color you are painting, off your paint chip strip, and tape it onto the back of one of the room's switch plate covers...

You already have the switch plate covers off to paint the room, so it's super easy. The back of my swatch says the paint brand; if yours doesn't, you may want to note that on the swatch. Then you'll always have a record of which rooms are precisely which colors. Handy if you need more paint for touch ups or, like me, need to repaint the entire room after a year because you have a small child and greasy husb who trash walls like nobody's business. =)

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