Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The kids have been getting pretty silly around here...

She is in that fun stage where she is still all baby, but her little personality is really starting to develop...

She is such a happy girl, smiling and laughing like crazy. She has been a finicky nurser and since she is so small, I was concerned she might not be getting enough milk and took her into Lactation Services yesterday to check everything out. They shared some tricks with me to get my milk production up and get her eating more. We were there to show them how she throws a fit and refuses to eat sometimes, and of course, she ate perfectly fine on the first side , and when I switched her to the other side, she wouldn't eat because she was talking and cracking up. They always make liars out of us, don't they?

Later, Mark wanted Susanna to get in the sleeping bag with him...

She thinks he's kinda crazy! She might be right.


  1. she is getting so big! I need to hold her...NOW!

  2. So cute! I got to see lots of family posts on both blogs today. I just can't get enough.Thanks so much for making my day.

  3. Those are great! I love that she is really smiling now!!