Monday, March 8, 2010

Let There Be Darkness

That's right, darkness. Why? It adds nap-ability to a room! Some of you with little ones may know it really helps make an easier nap time if the room is darkened. When I re-did Susanna's nursery, I took out Mark's black-out window treatments, and said to myself, "I'm going to start out making Susanna sleep without black-outs, so she won't get used to them and will sleep anywhere." Yeah. Here I am, installing black-outs to save my sanity. She ended up going down for her nap perfectly but (especially on bright days) would wake up every 20 minutes or so. I put dark blankets over the window and it helped so I decided to find a more attractive, functional and permanent solution.

I measured the windows. If you have an old crooked house like me, be sure to measure the gap right where the blinds will be installed. Mine are a little loose because I measured the outside edge of the window sill, rather than at the back, where the blinds actually attach, and there was about a 1/4 inch difference. Oops. As long as I pull it gently it doesn't fall down. I will have to get a new one, but at the moment I am too cheap.

Anyway, I took my measurements to Home Depot and found an employee to help me. They actually custom cut the blinds to fit your windows. I grabbed a couple mounting brackets and was on my way. At home, the only tool required was a drill (you could use a regular screw driver if you have some muscle).

I mounted the brackets up in the window. Don't look at my bad caulk job up in there.

In my case, I had enough room to mount the black outs directly behind the honeycomb blinds (yay), so I have separate light blocking and insulating blinds. For lots cheaper than buying new light-blocking honeycomb blinds, by the way. There was just enough room for the roller blind to function. I popped in the blind on both ends and ta-da...

These are the results...

The hallway light was on in both pictures, but you can tell it is a lot darker with the blinds.

An easy way for mommies out there to get a few minutes of peace and quiet!

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