Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girl Clothes ARE Fun!

Okay, so I had tons of fun shopping for clothes when Mark was tiny; dressing him like a mini-Ty was easy. Baby girl clothes? Not so much. I think it is because style does not come naturally to me. Not good style, anyway! My BFF Leah always has to coach me. Anyway, today, Mom and I went to Old Navy and I was smitten by so many cute girl clothes! But, I practiced some self control, since she doesn't get dolled up too much yet - being only 3 months old - and only left with two outfits.

This is what I picked out for Mom to buy her as an Easter gift (she will fit it next spring :)...
It all looks black in the pics but it is actually all navy, even the coat is heather navy. The little capri lace leggings! And I wish they had a jacket like that for me! Well, Leah, fashion advisor... did I do good?

And I bought her a cute little pair of short-shorts and a bright striped tank, which I can't find on their website. It will be nice and cool for her this summer when she is crawling around.

Now that I discovered the girl-baby clothes at Old Navy, I can't wait to check out Baby Gap, which I know makes cute stuff - I see it on Ty's sister's kids all the time! And I get hand-me-downs! Yay, girl clothes!


  1. So Cute! Im dying over that little coat! She is going to be styling for sure!

  2. I love it! Old Navy girl clothes are sure cute! Hand me downs=the best thing ever! I am already scoping out the summer garage sale weekends in rich neighborhoods for some super hand me downs!