Monday, March 15, 2010

He's a Nice Worm

We found a caterpillar. Mark ran and got the cup we use for bugs. After a while, he got brave and decided to hold him in his hands...

"He's just right in here, mom..."

"He's a nice worm. He's not a mean worm; he's a nice worm."

"He likes me, mom, he says, 'Hi Mark, I'm your friend.' Oh! He's pokey, mom."

"Look, Mom, he has a face!"

"He wants to go in the grass and find a new house."


"He wants to go back in the cup mom."

"He misses me Mom."

"I want him in the cup again, Mom."

"Mom... - Oh, look Mom, a leaf!!!"


  1. They are so funny when they convince them selves, it's nice's is...look mom....How proud you should be!