Thursday, May 31, 2012

my boy and his bike


Take my word on this… Mamas, don’t teach your babies to ride dirt-bikes before bicycles…

Age 2.5…


Age 5.5…


Isn’t that a little backward?

Turns out, learning to balance an electric trials bike is easier than learning to balance a bicycle while simultaneously learning to pedal.  Once he learned to ride a dirt bike, he had no interest in pedaling ever, really.  We had to keep forcing him to practice.

He is now, finally, loving his bike.

photo (2)

Finally willing to do the work of pedaling.


It took three years for him to say, “I want to go ride my bike.”




Even trying a trick…



Do you remember doing tricks on your bicycle as a kid?  I specifically remember standing on the bar while coasting around, thinking I was the coolest girl on our dirt road.


Riding a bike… Such a simple pleasure.


Photos were from this past weekend, at my parents’ house, where the sunshine lives.

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