Thursday, July 7, 2011

tidbits {farm chicks}


So there were a few straggling ideas that I caught at Farm Chicks that I couldn’t go without sharing.  Get ready for some randomness!

I thought this was the sweetest touch to cute up some regular old fashioned folding metal chairs…


So sweet.  Use fabric scraps from your scrap pile or utilize thrift store sheets, pillowcases or clothing to get the perfect look for your event.

Another interesting and creative way to use up fabric scraps…


So they took fabric strips and twisted them as they sewed down the line and created a colorful, twisty rope.  I thought it would be cute to use as the string for a bunting. 

As a side note: I saw this similar but different idea on Goodwill’s blog…


It is a scarf made from an old tshirt, and it was actually a class, so I haven’t seen instructions, but I think they simply cut it in strips and then tied knots every couple inches.  I think it is a cute summer accessory!  It would solve my scarf problem, too – I always feel too poofy in regular scarves.  That green one is like a statement necklace.

Back to Farm Chicks… painted trays…


I love the red one, I love the little gray ones with the doily relief (I bought one), I love the little TV tray table they are sitting on!  That TV table would make such a sweet nightstand.

And I love this silver one with chalkboard paint …


All those trays are pretty common at thrift stores – especially the silver ones (pretty sure that red one was silver before red).  Totally on the lookout for these items now.

Also, map creations… there was a ‘globe’ garland…


Paper gift bags made from music and maps – would be great for party favors or gift cards…


And you know by now I am a sucker for bunting…


LOVE the combo of the baker’s twine and the map flags.  You will be seeing some of that in Mark and Susie’s room reveal!

Then there was this garland made from the pages of aged books…


Looks like they just rolled up each page, then tied two pieces of string snugly around the center of the roll, added another, and tied it, and so on.  Totally doing that for Christmas on my mantle.

And if you are terrible at growing plants like me, try inexpensive grass in a classic terra cotta pot…


Buy a little bag or single scoop at your local hardware store, and when you manage to kill one batch, start over.  Winter Rye is especially thick and nice.  I water mine by setting the pot in a dish of water and letting it soak it up, otherwise, the water knocks down all those beautiful blades.

Last but not least, there was this great double header idea to transform an old window into a message center…


Sorry about the awkward picture – that person simply would not be on their way!  Chalkboard paint AND chicken wire??!!  I would clip things to the wire with clothespins.  I happen to have an old window which has a broken pane and couldn’t figure out what to do with it - I will be utilizing the window and this idea in my bedroom just as soon as I finish up some other projects.

Now I have to go finish those projects!  And figure out what to make the hubby for dinner.  Argh!

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