Monday, July 18, 2011

donuts. kids. mexican corn.


Okay, so I have had a donut recipe kicking around for a while and finally decided to give them a try.  First I tried a shortcut and looked up a baked donut method.  Um, they turned out to be muff-nuts – didn’t really taste like donuts.  Maybe it was just a bad recipe?  Then  I tried my BHG Best Donuts recipe and went for the real deal!  My friend Leah may have had to give me a pep talk to help me muster my deep-frying courage. =)

I was too cheap to buy special supplies so I used a biscuit cutter to cut the outside edge and a shot glass for the ‘hole’, which of course I also fried…


My results were decent…


Yeah, that one is pretty, but it was for sure the cutest one.  Most of the others had a worse time keeping the sugar stuck on, because I discovered you have to move fast getting them out of the oil and into the sugar.  Next time I will have a friend tag team these with me.  Unlike the muff-nuts, these actually tasted like real donuts!  I will definitely tackle them again.

On a completely unrelated side note, will someone please confirm that that nail polish is hot?  It is Coral Fever, and husband told me it is “old lady”!  What old lady wears coral fever?!  He is crazy right???


I have to show you me and Susie’s new favorite outfit…


Lime greenI <3 shoes” shirt (which is 110% true, BTW), a polka dot turquoise tutu, eggplant tights and jellies?  She rocks it!  Oh, and the little lanyard she stole from Goodwill on Saturday.  Oops.  She got it off a dog toy and put it on her neck all by herself and I didn’t notice until I got her out of the car at our next stop.  It is her new favorite necklace.  Before you completely freak out, it was a new dog toy, not an old nasty one!


Mark is almost done with homeschool and ready for summer break…


That was a couple days ago, we have also now completed the sound of- and words with- “x” so we only have “y” and “z” to go!  Then our easy going summer curriculum will be getting more familiar with reading and writing numbers 11 – 20 and learning about the calendar and weather.  


Ready for a bit of serious randomness?  This weekend I learned that in Mexico, corn on the cob is eaten slathered in Mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and cayenne pepper…


Ty loved it.  I was too weirded out by the mayonnaise.  Sandy said she also likes it with sour cream – I could maybe do that.  Or just butter, parm and cayenne!  You learn something new every day.



  1. Glad the donuts at least tasted good! If your willing to try again the frying must not have been that bad? I love that she stole a necklace! And yes...your husband is crazy as always...that is the first thing I noticed when I looked at the pic. The color is awesome. My toes and two of my fingernails are that color right now! I love coral! I am a no go on the mayo and corn. Sounds horrible.

  2. Today, I interviewed a guy wearing a skirt and vibram five fingers. When I get home I want mayonnaise corn and doughnuts.