Wednesday, July 6, 2011

another lovely Teanaway weekend


Mom took the kids last week and I used my time wisely, getting some much, MUCH needed deep cleaning done, some shopping in, doctor appointments (oh joy) and finally some major projects done.  Mainly painting Mark and Susie’s room, which was driving me bonkers.  Did I tell you we moved Mark into her room because he had been sleep walking…and he lived at the top of our steep flight of stairs with tile at the bottom?  Not good.  So, yeah, the move required the addition of bunk beds.  Not ideal, but it works for now.  I will show you this week. 

For now, just a few snapshots of our weekend.  We headed over to my Mom’s Saturday to pick up the kids and stay a couple days.  The weekend was lovely…

It involved kites…





Mom I need some of those poppies.

A big trail ride for this little guy that plumb wore him out…



And plenty of torturing for this little spitfire…


It wasn’t exactly torture – she was kissing the kitty, but decided she didn’t want to anymore as soon as mama had the camera.

So that was our weekend.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a project!  Um… actually, it is already 44 minutes into tomorrow.  Goodnight.

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  1. Looks like the weather was nice! Can't wait to see the kids room!