Tuesday, July 26, 2011

labels & dressing herself


When I saw AshleyAnne’s crafting drawers, I thought putting scrapbook paper in the label slots was a strange idea.  Apparently the idea has grown on me – I kept noticing places I could try it in the kids’ room and finally I decided to do a test drive…




I was really surprised that I loved it!  It brings unexpected little pops of pattern, color and texture into places you wouldn’t expect it.  I thought it would drive me crazy not having little labels to proclaim the contents of each container, but I don’t even care.  That’s my fun new thing.  Breaking news, huh? 

Here’s another news update… also concerning labels.  My scrapbook paper was driving me crazy, so I got out the medium sized clothes pins…



Now it is easy to know where each section of paper is.


Some pictures of Susie’s recent fashion adventures.  Dressing herself has become a new favorite past time…

DSC_0620  DSC_0632

DSC_0635  DSC_0638

She almost had it that time.  Hey, maybe she was going for a mini skirt.

Shades are important with any summer outfit…

DSC_0346  DSC_0348

Mark was too cool, I had to throw him in there too.  Maybe her upside down shades will become a new trend.  Maybe not.

Susie is always trying to put things down her shirt for some reason.  Things usually stay right in the belly of her snapped, tucked in onesie where she conveniently caries them around for a while.  She was a little confused as to why it wasn’t working with her tank top…

DSC_0351  DSC_0353

DSC_0357  DSC_0361

Of course she knew what she was doing and didn’t want any help and decided the shirt was unnecessary anyway.

She always figures things out eventually.



Have a good one!  =)

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