Monday, July 11, 2011

easy peasy vintage pillow cover


Okay, I have seen pillow covers where you just fold and tie the fabric around a pillow.  This is not quite that easy… but it’s a close second!

I started with this sweet linen pillow case from Goodwill…


The linen and the embroidered detail at the hem was so pretty, I initially wanted to buy them and use them for my bed, but that idea was squandered when I realized they were only it.


What do you do with only one pretty pillowcase?  I didn’t care – I couldn’t leave without it.  At only $0.99, I figured I could use it for something… the linen was beautiful and that edge adorable.

I ended up modifying it to use as a throw pillow cover…



It was super, super easy - I simply:

1.  Turned the case inside out.

2.  Marked and sewed a new hem on the closed end to make it the right width to fit my 20x20 pillow insert (the height was fine) and trimmed off the remainder and the old hem.

3.  Zig-zag stitched the new hem so it would not fray.

4.  Turned right side out and pressed.

5.  Wove my ribbon around through the eyelet lace holes and tied a bow! 

Not too shabby for such an easy project!  Leah, even you could do this – doesn’t it make you want to buy a machine?  You only have to sew one straight line!


I chose the blue ribbon simply because it was pretty – I forgot I wanted to put it on my couch where I have all oranges and browns!  Though it does look sweet in that old Windsor chair!

But, lucky for me, I have blues in my bedroom...


Not sure yet if I will have to change the ribbon out and put it on the couch, or risk a divorce by adding one more “floofy pillow” to the bed!  =)  Well, what do you think – easy enough for any of you inexperienced sewers out there!?

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  1. It does look easy and very pretty. The art of sewing and I have a complicated relationship.