Wednesday, May 16, 2012

random loves

My week has been crazy, but we finished up AWANA and now have one more night a week free.  With summer coming, things should start to slow down, soon!  I don’t have a lot to share today but a bunch of random stuff, so here goes…

Seriously. Random.

My boy drew me a picture of our house…


And it’s raining outside.  So lame.  And I am so glad that this was last week and this week has been gloriously sunny!  I am working on my WA tan.  If you’re not from around here, a WA tan is different than a normal tan; much less intense and virtually unnoticeable to people from sunny regions.


This is how I keep my laptop protected when I travel…


Then I fold the bottom up and fold the arms in and tie them.  Seriously.  Genius, right?


We had some fertile dirt delivered for our gardens and the neighbor guy’s friend showed up in a dump truck with…


Chevrons on the rearview mirrors.  How cute is that?  Am I totally insane?  If the neighbor guy’s friend read this blog he would be super weird, but if he did, he would surely be offended that I called his big dump truck “cute”.  Seriously, though, why don’t auto makers put chevrons on vehicles any more?  Chevrons are IN people.  Just like boot socks.


This girl’s got swagger…


She has been running around in her diaper or undies working on her tan and I hate to admit, she’s farther along than I am.


I found something amazing on Pinterest last week…


I didn’t pin it because the pin was very long (what is up with that?), but it seriously works!  Little bread bag ties keep the flip flop toe part from pulling through the soles!  Now that I have posted a picture of the bottom of my son’s flip flops from last year which are almost worn through, I am going to the store right this minute to buy him some new ones.


Want to know another thing that is awesome?  A holy, sovereign, and just God, involved in people’s lives.  Seeing people show mercy to one another because God is working and active in their hearts.  Seeing him change people.  Seeing His love for people.  Seeing people come back to Him.  We can screw things up as much as we want but He is still there.  He still loves us.  He will work things out if we trust Him and follow His lead. 


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