Wednesday, May 23, 2012

thrift junky chronicles {18}


stopping by the blog real quick to share some recent thrift store finds…

DSC_1321    DSC_1326

A cool tea tin which I immediately put some mother’s day tulips in.  Love it.  $0.69.

A vintage red metal Swingline stapler, which I needed.  $1.99.



A crocheted blanket in colors that don’t totally “go” in my room but it was huge and heavy and so pretty I couldn’t pass it up.  $6.99.




Yes.  I finally scored a vintage typewriter.  You may have seen it in the new blog header.

I saw it the day before for $34.99 because it was “collectible”. 

I said no. 

I kept remembering it. 

I had some spending money stashed. 

I decided I would call and see if they still had it. 

They did. 

They held it for an hour. 

I raced in and started bargaining.

Then the lady told me it was already 50% off because it had been there for a while.

Seriously!  Got it for about $17.00!   The identical one is on Etsy for $200.00 in a shop that sells a lot of vintage typewriters.  Granted mine has a crack in the front, but still, worth every penny of $17.00. 


In homestead news…

We had a couple chickens which are fully grown but had gotten beaten up as chicks and were still growing tail feathers back and had not started laying along with the healthier chicks.  Apparently two of them decided to start laying on the same day…


I always get a kick out of deformed eggs.  So odd.  Not you?  Oh, sorry, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum here on the blog.  I’ll limit myself to one egg post a month.  You’re welcome.  =)

By the way the white egg is a fake one that we keep in the nest to encourage the hens to lay their eggs there instead of all around the pasture.  It seems to work.  One of the hens is trying really hard to hatch that egg every day.  Okay, I’m done now for reals.


In bigger country news, we saw a bear today!  Our friend’s daughter said, “Whoa!  A bear just came to our house and then left!”  At first, I digested this as a tall tale, and then decided it was random enough it might just be true, and sure enough, a little black bear was zig zagging across the driveway and then back onto the road.  I ran to get my camera, but when I returned he had already ran into the woods. 

I alarmed the kids by going outside to try to find him…


They were a little worried.

I explained in highly technical terms that white bears are really super mean, brown bears are sometimes mean, but black bears are always scared.  Unless they have babies, I guess I should have added that.

Now Susie keeps yelling, “MOM!  A BEAR IS COMING!”  every five minutes.


Time for homeschool.  We’re on letter “X” trying to finish the sounds of all the letters before breaking for summer.

I need more tea.


  1. Love the tea tin! Sarah will be jealous of the typewriter...she just told us that she is wanting one!
    Our young hens have started laying eggs too...I just use two of their eggs for one in recipes, as they are so small! :)
    Happy bear hunting!


  2. Wow...some neat finds at the thrift store. Who all got to see the bear? The kids look pretty worried for you. Isn't this the second time you have seen a bear?

  3. Good to know, Nadine - I had wondered about that. I might just fry 'em up for the kiddos this morning, though! They would get a kick out of them.

    Mom, yes, we saw a bear several years ago. Also running and scared. Only Marilyn and I saw him. Marilyn was excited and yelling about it; Mark said "If I had been the one to see the bear instead of Marilyn, I would have hid." Love that boy!

  4. Question...did you wash the blanket? I would love to find one at a thrift store or farm chicks...but would be grossed out if i couldnt wash it.

  5. Leah, yep, washed and dried it like normal! Figured for $7 I could risk it. It came out just fine.